Traveling Cheaply for Business or Leisure

Traveling cheaply is really what it is. I know what it's like when you have not been on many trips and you are dying to go on trips, but of course you can't afford it. It can be really stressful when you don't get that time away from your normal everyday life of grinding the 9-5 job day after day, you really need a vacation, or even just a mini vacation will be perfect! But making that minimum wage job, just won't cover the expensive costs of traveling and vacationing. 

But listen, traveling does not have to be expensive, you don't have to spend a fortune to go on a vacation! I have always loved the thought of traveling and going to new places, but the obstacle of no money or time was in the way! I think I got this covered. 

How does a room as cheap as a $10 a night sound in a comfy bed? How does traveling to another country like British Columbia, Canada for less then $50 sound? Or traveling hundreds of miles away for the same price...

You see, this is so simple, and it's not a special promotion, or hidden secrets of the traveling unknown, dangerous, or shady type situations. These are real, legit and safe ways to go traveling cheaply. 

Don't Miss Out on Traveling Cheaply

Traveling cheaply is way simple. The very first time I traveled cheaply, was to an event in another state close to mine. For a round trip ticket, was about $68. Wow, that's amazing, but what got me to my destination for so cheap? Okay, for this trip I used Amtrak, the train! I had never traveled with a train before, and it was great! The scenery was beautiful and it was pretty relaxing and laid back! Plus, there was wifi and plug in's for your electronic devices, food, and even bathrooms. 

So, when I finally got to my destination, I had planned on staying about 3 nights, and still I found a way to not spend a fortune on hotels or motels. Even though the cheapest hotels ranged from about $39 and up a night. But, for me, my whole total cost of my stay was $30 for 3 nights. OMG it was amazing! I had my own loft, my own bed, and it was awesome! How did I do this? I used airbnb.com. This is a sight the people rent out a room, couch, bed, even their house for people to sleep in! I love that website! Talk about a deal!

Ok, Ok, so, what if you think that Amtrak is to expensive? Okay, I have a solution if you really want to pinch pennies. There is the greyhound bus, but I have something else. It is called BoltBus. BoltBus is a really large, comfy bus, that has affordable fares and even sometimes has a fare of only $1. You really can't beat that! They even have wifi and plenty of leg room!


Traveling Cheaply is Possible!

Traveling cheaply is possible, so what's your excuse? I feel like I am your travel agent and I not! I enjoy sharing these gold nuggets with you though! Oh, so you need a destination? Try groupon.com, you will find several travel vacations and destinations on sale or at discounted prices!

Is time an issue? Well, you could always take that vacation time you have saved up from you 9-5 slave job, or you could always work from home and go on a nice vacation whenever you want! 



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Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar


Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar

I attended a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar here in Oregon yesterday.It was a two hour long informational seminar. It actually  was packed with useful information and I was impressed. Of course I was impressed, I went to a seminar being taught by someone who knew what they are talking about and have been through things himself in life, pretty much like most people. But he actually changed his mindset and took action and now he is sitting pretty in a mansion getting paid for being a good guy that talk in front of people, like at the seminar, and traveling to do it. He is rich because he helps people, and does the things he enjoys, and GETS PAID FOR IT! 

Imagine that!

What Did I Take From The Rich Dad seminar?

What I took from the seminar was that I can sell houses without being a real estate agent. I learned about money, the economy, and bad credit vs good credit. There was so much packed in this 2 hour long seminar. I took notes and I have more things that I learned from this seminar. 

I also learned what is vital about when you have a contract to selling a house the one thing you must put after your name to make things a whole bunch easier in the selling process. 

Did you know that it is better to have nothing in your name and put them in a LLC!

3 things:

1. You need an Opportunity

2. You need to have knowledge of that opportunity

3. You need to take action with the knowledge you know about that opportunity


"Knowledge Builds Confidence & Destroys Fear" - Rich Dad Seminar


*2 things every entrepreneur needs is a business plan and a mission statement*

There are 3 types of Income:

1. Earned Income (income for a job)

2. Passive Income (rental activity or "trade or business activities in which you do not materially participate like internet marketing."

3. Portfolio Income (Income from investments, dividends, interest, royalties and capital gains.)



ASSETS           VS.        LIABILITIES

Real Estate        |           House Payment

Business            |           Car

Spouse              |           Credit Card

401K                  |            Ignorance

***Successful People Have Multiple Streams of Income!***


                            Mindset & Attitude are KEY!                                    







-Positive Thinking

-Faith in Self


We need to focus on the solution and not focus on the problems. 

I learned more in a FREE dvd I got about the "Cash Cow."


Attend a Rich Dad Poor Dad Workshop!

You can find Rich Dad Poor Dad Workshop's throughout the country and they are free, but offer really great opportunities to learn more... wayy more! I really learned a lot from this event and am looking forward to learning more and more, and improving myself in to helping others improve themselves and to get empowered for success

I hope this blog post helped gave you some/more belief and that getting out there and learning new things about becoming successful and being pushed and empowered you in taking that next step towards you making yourself successful and that it is possible! Because it is!

If you want to be successful in another way, I have something for you.





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Ill Minded Thinking Keeps You Poor

Ill minded thinking keeps you poor. I know I have had people like this in my life. They always have something
bad to say about every little thing in life whether it be about other people or themselves. They are poor, unhappy
and unsatisfied in general in life. I always wonder why it is that they are doing this. They always want
everything, they want and want and want, and they also expect everything to go their way even when they they so negatively all the time. 


They are not rich, they are not happy, they complain about everything. Even the little subtle things. They even think
they are above everyone. Their opinions are above everyone and everything.They are unwilling to accept differences in 
every individual person and are so egotistical or judgemental. 

This way of thinking is toxic not only to yourself but the people around you. I can't really understand why anyone would 
want to carry around so much negative energy. That negative energy that they are carrying around will only attract
negativity. No matter the circumstance. But what if they put on an act for certain people, just to make themselves look
like they are happy? What happens then? 

What I think that happens is that they go back to the same negative ways once they are back to their negative routine of 
things. They would pick apart the people they were so nice around and then they continue to think negatively. I am not really 
sure why these people do this. 

They are also blaming people for things that the other person does, and while blaming the other person, talking smack about
them, like about their personality and other things. They do not try to help people get better, they only carry around 
and distribute their negative bad energy. Once they finally realize that the person didn't do what they were falsly accusing 
them of, they talk about them like they will next time, be the bad guy, when they weren't the first time.

It's hurtful, sad, and just plain wrong.

If these people would stop being so egotistical, assumptious, negative, and plain rude, maybe they could find happiness.
Is this possible, since they have been doing this for so long, being so scandulous and in denial of happiness. They sometimes
seem to act as if they hide their happiness from some people. Which does not make much sense to hide happiness from 
anyone or thing. So, do they really have happiness or is this a leverage to try and get people to feel bad for them by munipulating
others to think that their lives are so bad because of other people. They try to convince people that they are unhappy 
because of us. When it's not us making them unhappy, it is their own behaviors, ill minded thinking, and actions that is
causing all of this negativity for them to be so poor. 

Rich people are happy. Why can't these people see outside their negativity and realise that in order for them to 
become rich they need to be happy? Why can't they stop being so judgemental, negative and rude and do a complete 180 and drop all
the ill minded thinking? Don't they realize that not everything in life is going on for them is because of negativity they are producing, and they need to have optimism all the time? Why can't these ill minded people think this way? Is it 
to far out of their reach, and psyche that they just can't? Not everything has to be or is meant to be within their ill
minded psyche. Until they can be happy, they will only invite the negative that is in their lives to bring in more negativity.

People are not meant to obey or be their slaves, I don't care the age. These people think everything and everyone should
see things their way, that everyone else's world is and should be only like theirs, and everyone else is doing it wrong... how? How can 
these people even consider this? Why would they put this threat to everyone that doesn't see things their way, that they will 
raise hell unless you do? How is this freedom or trying to be rich? It's not!

These people are ill minded dream stealers... and will do whatever they can to break you and everything you live for down...

If these people truely wanted to be rich they would quit being like that all together. They would look at things in a 
better light, they would stop being so scandulous. They would stop all their egotistical, assumptious, negative, and 
disrespectful behaviors and actions.

I can only hope they do. I am way to busy building my vision of my own success to want to be at that negative level
of living, breathing, or thinking. I will stand up for myself and do what I have to do to get to my vision, my wealth and healthy
way of thinking. I will and am staying positive through my own struggles, and of having to deal with this type of people in
my life. I can only stay positive and I believe it will rub off on them even if they think it's their idea, even though
it is not. I will stand up for living my life me and my children deserve, which is a huge house, nice new things, and 
money overflowing  in my bank accounts, not worrying about paying a bill, and we will be able to vacation any damn time we want to.

These people will look at us sideways, because of their negative ill minded thinking, and we will look back to only hope that they
will open their eyes and realize it's them that needs to get a reality check, and watch and learn from people they
continuosly try to bring down to their level but they won't succeed at bringing us down because we are stronger then that! We are building our dreams and are going to live them!

If others are tired of dealing with peoples in their lives negativity then they need to remove themselves from those negative ill minded people, 
it's really that time! There is not a set time unless you make one. Which you should take action! If you want
to live a life that you have envisioned then you should start NOW! Join with me today, and start sharing your empowering
mind and vision to others and build your dreams! 

Take action! Join today!

Thanks for reading!



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Get Empowered for Success


Get Empowered for Success

Get Empowered for Success is the name of my Facebook Fanpage. I made this page around the same time I joined Empower Network because I was a newbie and I noticed that others were making pages. The reason I chose to use the name Get Empowered for Success is because of the obvious, Empower Network has the word "empower" in it and I am an affiliate in Empower Network. 

What does "empower" mean? Empower means to make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. So, my vision of "Get Empowered for Success" is to help open people up, which includes myself, and showing people how they can get and be empowered for success. Also, how to be empowered to lead them to success. 

Get Empowered for Success

Get Empowered for Success has actually changed my life. It has changed my life in the way that I did not know I could do or figure out how to do some of the things I have done on this page, and for this page. Like for instance, my first picture I made for Get Empowered for Success. See below. 

I did not know I could do this... atually this is a bathroom picture and I was holding a phone. I never really used a photo editing program or edited pictures. But, I wanted to make a cool picture. So I did, because I believed in myself. Actually I played with this for a while, one was called "Get Empowered" and I named the other one "Join the Force."

The funny thing is about those pictures is that the "Empower Ball" just slide right into my hand in the picture, like it's supposed to be there, in a weird magical way..

For a while, though, I had no idea what to do on my page, and I was shy. I was afraid of being to similar to others or to different.. and my page just sat there. I made a couple other things, for the banner pictures.. like when the blog beast first came out. But won't fit on this page... and many others... 

After I went to the Empower Network Seattle Impact Event I made a really cool banner for my fanpage, and it has other really badass people in the picture. Check it out!


Get Empowered for Success

Get Empowered for Success is now packed with many empowering ways to get you empowered for success. It has many of my blogs, which mostly are empowering and some are just fun. I think it's important that you also need to be having fun while you Get Empowered for Success! It is also packed with videos that are Empowering. 

I really enjoy doing this, know that I will be someones go to when they need something Empowering and that extra need to know about it. I enjoy it. I love to motivate, and empower people. Recently, I just changed my cover and banner photo for my FB Fanpage. I feel weird about it, too. Since I had my cover photo like that forever, I almost feel naked, but I also like the new one as well. I also feel as if I upgraded my profile in a way. 

I realize, I enjoy doing this so much, even when I don't get interaction from others,  I can still see that people do look at what I post. I appreciate that! I appreciate the 170 people who have "liked" my page. I am still working on this page, and my blog here. I enjoy this. I would love for people to learn from me! 

The truth is, if you want to be successful, you need some sort of coach, and you need to be able to be taught. To be able to let go of your ego and follow what your coach says, even if you think your way is better! Are you ready? Can you be taught? Can you follow simple steps that will make you successful? If you are ready then you can start by clicking HERE and following what that page says then watching the video!

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See you on the other side!


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Positive Attitude for Success


Positive Attitude for Success

Positive Attitude for Success is extremely important for gaining success. I have heard many times that it is extremely important to have a positive attitude to be successful! Think of it this way. When you picture yourself successful, you picture yourself happy. That right there tells you that you need to keep a positive attitude!

When you do it will come to you, and when you stay consistent, you will have that success and since you are happy in your vision, you must stay positive and have that positive attitude. Only move forward in a positive way following your vision, and you will make that vision of you being happy and successful a reality. 

Possitive Attitude for Success

People who are successful really have the possitive attitudes for their success! They keep their positive attitudes and so they keep their success. Good ways to keep your postive attitude is to make sure you do things that will boost your success like going to events, seminars, and by watching webinars, and reading books that will have a positive influence on your success. Even by meeting with a group of friends in a coffee shop and having a cup of coffee talking about positive things and things that help your business.

The more positive you put into the universe, the more positive things the universe will give back. You only want to have a positive attitude for success so that way only good things will be in return and returned to you! It's exciting! Hang out with the people that are a positive influence on your life, keep the friends that are good for you and lift you up! 

Positive Attitude for Success

Positive Attitude for Success is much better for you, and will keep you healthy. Another thing that will help your positive attitude for success is by being healthy. By excercising and eating healthy, don't forget to drink lots of water to keep your brain hydrated! Did you know that daily excersise will help keep your mind and body in a positive state, and give you a positive attitude, which in turn will make you successful?

When you are healthy, you excercise, and take care of yourself, you will become successful! Your mind will be more clear, and you will have so much energy! You can't go wrong with this! To keep a positive attitude for success you need a clear mind, you need to keep telling yourself you can do it and you just need to do it! Tell yourself YES and do it! Because you want to be successful!


Thanks for reading!



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